Made of Pixels is the collaboration between two like minded, award winning photographers.   

Brett Clarke and Lindsey Brooker decided to join forces to create Made of Pixels in 2008, resulting in each having won several awards for their photography that include...

'MPA Fashion photographer of the year' 2011 

'MPA Family Portrait photographer of the year' 2011 

'MPA Childrens photographer of the year' 2011 

'London Portrait Group Photographer of the year' 2009 

'Kodak photographer of the year' 2010

'MPA Best Licentiateship panel' 2010


Made of Pixels have been published and collaborate regularly with many premier brands such as,



Mojo magazine


Sony records

Classic rock magazine

Bizarre magazine etc.


"We always strive to be at the forefront in each of our specialst fields and this is achieved not only through creativity, but also by a passion for perfection, which has been regcognised by several awarding bodies".


To find out more about us and the passion for what we do, please visit our blog